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Hello Folks,

I am new to the world of film and inspired to join from attending your short film festival nights and seeing the great work going in in the region. I am also wanting to learn more so I can explore a short film idea I have. This is based on the making of the Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band’s legendry Album “Troutmask Replica”. Please get in touch if you are keen!

In my professional life I am Nelson City Council’s Arts and Heritage Adviser, helping to deliver new public art pieces, sculpture, murals etc for the city. I have experience in project management including running events and festivals. I am currently the director of Nelsons Heritage Festival/Month  the next one being Tuku23 Whakatu in April 2023.

Previously, I have worked in  the UK in community engagement/marketing, advocacy and behavior change roles in the Forestry, Active Travel and Tourism sectors.

Tom Ransom

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