Applying For A Scholarship


Welcome to the TSF Scholarship application process. It’s essential to read through the rules listed below. This will help you understand the application process and the amounts you can apply for.


IMPORTANT: TSF Film grants and Scholarships are only available to TSF members, so to continue your application, you'll need to either login to your account or join us using the buttons below:

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How Much Money is Available?

The TSF considers scholarship requests for up to $250 per course, training or event.

What Can It Be Used For?

The scholarship funding can be used to help pay for courses, training or event registrations that obviously benefit you in the film industry.

Who Can Apply For It?

Scholarship grants are only available to TSF Full Members, who must also ensure they adhere to the TSF code of conduct and follow the scholarship requirements.

A minimum TSF membership length of six months is required before an application can be approved.

Ready To Get Started?

You will need the following information ready to complete the application process:

1. The Course

What is the institution or training event you are attending? What are the official course dates? Why will this course/event benefit you in the film industry?

2. The Scholarship

How much do you want to request (up to $250)? What date do you need to receive the scholarship money?

3. The Documentation

Once you've enrolled or started the course, you'll need to send us a receipt of payment and/or proof of your enrolment and participation.

Can't See the Button to Start?

If you're not logged in as a Full Member of the TSF, you won't be able to apply for a scholarship.