Applying For A Film Grant

The TSF makes grants available every year to help support our members filming projects.


Welcome to the TSF Film Grants application process. It’s important to read through the entire Film Grant Application Criteria document. This will help you understand the application process and the amounts you can apply for.


IMPORTANT: TSF Film grants are only available to TSF Full Members, so to continue your application, you'll need to either login to your account or join us using the buttons below:

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How Much Money is Available?

 A single grant application can be for any amount between $250 and $1,000.


What Can It Be Used For?

TSF Film Grant money can only be used for typical “one-time only” per-production expenses, for example: food, travel, props, cast and crew fees, location expenses, equipment rental, etc.

Important: Funding can NOT be used to purchase equipment or software.

Any TSF grant funds that are not accounted for or spent must be refunded to TSF within 30 days of production completion.

Who Can Apply For It?

TSF Film Grants are only available to TSF Full Members, who must also ensure they continue to adhere to the TSF code of conduct and follow the grant requirements.

Film projects funded by a TSF Film Grant must also meet a minimum TSF membership involvement (relative to the project size).

Grants will be made available on a first-come/first-served basis.

Most TSF film grant applications will be approved except when the minimum creative and membership involvement standards are unmet.

Who Approves the Applications?

The current assessors are TSF Executive members Aaron Falvey, Andreas Gabriel and Vaughan Scott. Each application will be assessed by two members with no interest in the project.

Ready To Get Started?

You will need the following documents and information ready to complete the application process:

1. Your Film Script

You'll need your finished Film Script (saved as a PDF File), which you'll upload during the next step of the application process.

2. A Project Budget

We need to see a rough breakdown of the costs associated with your film project. You'll be asked a series of questions about your predicted production expenses.

3. Production Information

We need details of the team on your project, including who are TSF members, plus info like your Film Logline (a short sentence about your film), Film Synopsis (a short story about your film) and dates and location/s you plan on shooting.

Can't See the Button to Start?

If you're not logged in as a Full Member of the TSF, you won't be able to apply for a grant.