Suzie Morrell

Casting Details:
Age Range:
5" 4"
Hair Colour:
Dark brown
Eye Colour:
Dark green
About / Biography

Previously, I worked in television production and an advertising agency (Australia).  I have also co-owned and managed a corporate communications company and an internet advertising & marketing business.  I have fronted/presented in corporate training films and promotional videos and have acted in several short films.

Over the past couple of years, I have attended various DGANZ workshops in both Producing and Directing. More recently, I have written several film scripts together with my writer husband, Phil Morrell, and I have taken on Executive Producer roles. Being a big picture thinker, I am organized with overall details, and I like to work at a close interpersonal level, which is useful when collaborating with actors and crew alike.


2024 “The Tongue Thief” Lorcan Rielly Short Film – Executive Producer
2023 “On My Knees” Chris Lake. A Tyler Redmond Music Video – Producer/Talent Director.
2023 “Scream Z”. A Tyler Redmond film. Actor: Ghost face two and Karen “Demented Killer”
2023 “April Blue”. A Shalom Del’ Monte Aberheart film. Script writer together with Phil Morrell and, also Lead female Actor – Johanna, “Dishonest, conceited Auckland lawyer”.
2022 “No Fooling Us”. Army of Azra. A Tyler Redmond Music Video – Music/Talent Director.
2022 “Jubilee”. A Suzie Morrell Documentary. Writer/producer/interviewer. In post.
2022 “Bringing Mere Home”. A Keelan Walker film – Executive Producer. TSF People’s Choice Award and selected as an NZ International Film Festival entrant).
2021 “BlackBox”. A Tyler Redmond film. Actor – Female voiceover “Distraught Relative”.
2020 “Deadline”. A Suzie Morrell film (Psychodrama). Writer/producer/director. Silver reel placement. Best Actress nomination.
2019 “Regrets”. A Ruth Gill film. Actor – Lead female role: “Reminiscing Regretful Wife.”
2018 “Rise Up” A Tyler Redmond film. Actor – Female role: “Concerned Grandmother”.
2018 “Lipstick Kisses”. A 48hr whodunit film. Script writer together with Phil Morrell

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