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Michael (Mike) Hohaia is a Wellington-bred creative based in Tahunanui, Nelson.

After studying Film and Television Production at the Avalon Film and Television School in 1999, Mike formed Fonetik Films with another student, Gary Davies. They produced a Creative NZ funded Short Film (The Void) and also received development funding from the NZ Film Commission Digital Feature Film Development Funds, Headstrong and Escalator, for a Feature Film version of ‘The Void’.

Over the course of 10+ years, Fonetik Films also produced a number of independent productions including Short Films, a local TV show, Website Content and a Feature Film, ‘Flatmates Wanted’.

Flatmates Wanted had the distinction of having its World Premiere at Wellington’s iconic Embassy Theatre. It was released in New Zealand by Vendetta Films and was selected for the New York Independent Film and Video Festival. Fonetik Films received an advance to shoot an (unreleased) documentary of their travels to the Festival and to document their experiences at the festival.

After taking an extended hiatus from filmmaking (and becoming an award-winning Chocolatier in that time), Mike has come back to his roots as a Writer and Director and is looking to produce both Independent and Govt. Funded projects.

Mike currently works for himself in Music Production under the moniker Umami Soul where he produces instrumental tracks for Artists to license for their own work.

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