Matt Raymond

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6ft 2in
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Ever since the age of 13 I have wanted to have a career in film, but over the years I have never been sure what role in film I would like to pursue. A few months ago I woke up from a dream with an idea for a movie that stayed in my head for weeks. I felt so strongly about this story in my head I began writing it into a screenplay and have been working on it every other night since. The story is now complete and just requires some polishing. I’m hoping to find some mentorship to get this script ready to be pitched one day. I also have a treatment available for anyone interested.

I would also love to do some volunteer work. Just the opportunity to get on set would be extremely valuable for me no matter what the job is. I am always open minded and on the look out for any opportunities that could open the door to this dream industry.

I also dabble in Cinematic videos using FPV drones. But admittedly this is not my main focus anymore.


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