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Hello I’m Brendon,

I am a composer, musician and audio post production mixer.  I completed a Masters in Fine Arts in Professional Media Composition at the University of Chichester Film Scoring School.  I have scored a number of short films and recently won an award at the TSF Festival for ‘Best Original Score’ for my work on ‘Operation’.

Music wise, I compose in a variety of styles, from large orchestral film music, to more intimate and unique scores with a wide range of instruments.  My background includes studying with some great film orchestrators, but also Tango music is a big part of my background including performing at the New Zealand Tango Festival and as well as I’m often improvising on different synthesisers and unique sounds.  I’m well set up with a full home studio surrounded by various instruments.

I really enjoy working with a director to help them achieve a vision for the music which best complements the film.

I also mix music and audio/dialogue if needed.  I’d love to help out on set sometime as often in my role I mainly work with a rough cut or locked cut after the filming is done.

As a side hobby have been working on VFX with Unreal Engine and Adobe Aftereffects, pretty incredible what you can do on there nowdays, so definitely keen to help out with some VFX stuff if the opportunity arises.

Music is a shared language and one of the things I enjoy most about media composition is one day you can be writing music for a game about Pirates, the next a game set in space or a comedy short film.  It constantly challenges you to embrace all different kinds of variety and this in itself is very rewarding.

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